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Hello, thanks for visiting my site!


I am a game designer specializing in systems and technical design, I have over 2 and a half years of experience with UE4 and I am quite familiar with Unity.  My background is in programming in C# and some C++, but I am very comfortable with visual scripting languages such as Blueprinting. I am currently teaching myself OpenGL and HLSL so I can have a deeper understanding of Substance Designer as well as the Epic Material Editor.


I am currently actively seeking a full-time position at a game studio and if you would just like to chat about games or game design I love to talk shop. 


Please email me!


VR True Locomotion


True Locomotion uses the Oculus Rift S HMD’s rotational information to apply movement to the player, allowing for full locomotion throughout virtual environments. Choose the Hold Button or Toggle option to seamlessly switch between full locomotion and room scale movement within the irl physical play area (using a chaperone system).

There are three different types of movement that this system can make use of:

  • Forward backwards translation (Walking). Nod your head forward or back.

  • Right/left rotation (Turning). Turn your head left or right.

  • Right/left translation (Strafing). Tilt your head toward your left or right shoulder.


VR True Locomotion can be purchased for use in developing your own VR projects through the Unreal 4 Marketplace.

Play Demo for Oculus Rift

Snow Globe Showdown


Snow globe showdown is a student projects completed in 3 months. It is a 2v2 multiplayer shooter. The game takes place inside a snow globe where tiny elves have come to life to fight each other in an epic snow battle!



Wurmz is a third person action-adventure game made by a group of four students. The game takes place in a vast desert where forgotten things go to die. These deserts are rules by large serpent like worms that devour any living thing around it.



Threads is a student project, with first-person shooter with real-time strategy elements, set in the far future where technology has been advanced for humankind by extraterrestrial sentient beings known as “Threads”.



Death Trap is a student project, puzzle platformer that incorporates aspects of escape rooms and mazes with a variety of obstacles and dangerous traps. A passive Robot named Karlos is there to guide the player. Karlos can give the player hints on what to do on that floor in order to get to the key card and he teaches you the abilities you gain as you advance floors.

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