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Snowball Hit Effect

This is the main hit effect that was made for a student project Snow Globe Showdown.
It was made in Cascade and uses a pretty simple and efficient material that feed into a dynamic parameter which is how the center portion is masked and stretched out.

Disintegrate Material Function

This is a material function I used for a student project titled "Threads".  It is used for the main players death as well as the boss's death effect. 
The material function is very simple as all it does is masks parts of meshes  based on three scalar parameters that affect the thickness of the mask, the amount of area masked, and an emissive booster. It then uses these float values to mask out a mesh based on the colour parameter as well as a float3 parameter that lets you use fire, cloud, and water textures to produce some cool effects.

Snow Trails Effect

The snow trails effect used for student project "Snow Globe Showdown". Huge part of the aesthetic element to the game.
Works using a Render Target, MPC, and simple material to handle actual displacement and masking of the landscape.
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