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Worm Boss Script- Wurmz

This is the script that drove all behaviour for the Final Boss in our game Wurmz. It consisted of three types of main attacks, a short range chomp, medium range ground slam, and a long distance fireball. 
In order to make the boss feel dynamic he would constantly have the players distance as well as a few other key pieces of info about the players state. The boss would use this info and update it every time it selected a new attack.
This proved to be quite difficult to new players so we  later also integrated a rotation based attack so that the Boss would have a certain amount of predictable attacks and then a random one based on the attack selector function.

Level Streaming- Various Projects

Through the projects I have made it seems that level streaming is always an hiding waiting for me to relax before it rears its head.
The first streaming system I built was manageable because it there was an elevator that would hide the players view of the environment that was being streamed in/out. I could also add effects to obscure any changing in lighting while the streaming occurred which proved necessary.
After this the next two systems were landscape based, which have so many complications that I have come to learn it is never to early to start building the streaming systems.
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